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The Nūma Mystery School is inviting you to discover the beauty, depth, wisdom, love and magic within you.

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What is the Nūma Mystery School about?


There Are No Guarantees

I have no interest in promising you a completion to your personal healing journey, untold riches or fame, an unwavering and inspiring purpose for life, or finally acquiring anything with any sense of perfection or utter completeness. And I make no claim of having any right answers for you;


What Can I Offer You?

What I do have deep interest in is sitting with you as a fellow human being, bearing together the unfathomable complexity of a life yet unfinished with all its living intersections between ancestors, families, friends, communities, societies and institutions, the earth, and all beings.


What Will We Do?

Spending time with you humbly reckoning the possibilities and consequences of a life both lived and unlived. Dreaming together and rekindling our agency to reimagine things and co-create our lives in a good way. And where it’s helpful, bravely facing unsupportive patterns and lingering stress and trauma together to renegotiate and resolve what we can.

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You + The Nūma Mystery School = a journey into self, community and other!

If you feel the call, let’s sit together in good company. Let’s learn and grow together. Let’s even flirt with redefining what it is to learn. To play with what it is to be a Shapeshifter.

Warning: It may require making friends with mystery.

What Can You Expect After Completing The Nūma Mystery School?

  • An opening of the mind and seeing the world and yourself in new ways.
  • An unburdening from old, unproductive patterns and traumatic residue.
  • A deepened capacity to experience life with expansive imagination and playfulness.

A Note From Trevor..

It would be such an honour to take this journey with you.

I've spent the majority of my life exploring what it means to be human. There have been days of light, joy and exploration. There have also been many days taking the journey into the dark night of the soul. Both of these extremes, and the gamut of experiences in between, have brought me here.

I've studied, I've explored, I've cried and I've experienced ecstasy. I'm a work in progress but I would love to share the experiences that have touched me deeply, that have thrown me into a state of self-discovery, that have magically transformed my life.

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What's Included in each Mystery School Adventure


#1-A rich immersive experience, culminating in a transformational retreat.

Your experience will be layered with guided weekly personal explorations and online cohort meetings as we prepare for and then integrate the deeply transformative effects of an in-person retreat.

#2-Access to an online platform containing supported weekly personal practices.

Additional written/audio/video content in support of your explorations and practices, and participant forums for community connection, support, and Q&A.

#3-Each 3-month program includes weekly online meetings scheduled throughout your Mystery School journey.

These meetings will immerse you in a wide array of teachings, tools, techniques, and experiences tailored to the theme of each Mystery School adventure and arranged to optimize your personal and collective healing process and creative explorations. They will also help to continue fostering community connection and address any challenges or questions that may be arising amidst your program.

The Result? 

I can't promise you that you'll be completely healed, become enlightened or a master of your universe (who wants that much control anyway?!)

With confidence, I can say that we will learn about ourselves, possibly discover & befriend unknown parts, tap into some ancient and new wisdom and peel away beliefs, habits and views that no longer serve us while creating a new sense of self and way of being in this world.

The Result? 

I can't promise you that you'll be completely healed, become enlightened or a master of your universe (who wants that much control anyway?!)

With confidence, I can say that we will learn about ourselves, possibly discover & befriend unknown parts, tap into some ancient and new wisdom and peel away beliefs, habits and views that no longer serve us while creating a new sense of self and way of being in this world.

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • You're ready to experience a new way of living
  • You want to learn tools and techniques to heal past wounds and visualize a new reality
  • You're overwhelmed by doing this on your own and want to be in community
  • You are one of those like-minded folks who loves delving into the deep, dark, mysteriously entrancing bits of life and seeing what we can unearth.

Not for you if:

  • You're unwilling to look in the mirror as honestly as you can
  • You aren't willing to connect with others in their messy humaness
  • You don't like a good story of adventure, love, loss and love again (aka our lives)
  • You want to keep your life exactly the way it is.
I'm Ready

Embark on a transformative journey with us!

Our Mystery School has evolved to offer two distinct adventures, each unfolding over different timeframes within the year.  

This change allows for a more flexible and dynamic exploration, moving away from the previous format of a continuous 9-month program. Dive into the details of each offering below and discover the path that resonates with you.

The Multidimensional Adventure: Repairing Relations & Re-Imagining Self

(New dates coming soon)

Our epic adventure begins with quality preparation. We’ll take time to inventory the moments that influenced the way we experience life, in all its goodness and its sufferings, and get a clear sense of where we’re at right now. We’ll lovingly acknowledge the beliefs we carry and the way they may be echoing through our embodiment. Then, turning to face forward into our lives, we’ll boldy envision new possibilities for where we’re heading in life. We’ll gradually catalyze a shift from historians to embodied visionaries within our lives as we learn and practice a variety of tools and techniques intended to support transformation within body, mind, spirit, relations, work, play, intimacy, and creative expressions. Numerous resources will be invoked and cultivated to optimize our well-being amidst the journey.

As we build momentum in changing ourselves and our lives, we will undoubtedly encounter challenges; old beliefs and habits rearing up, doubt and distractions, and limitations to our imaginable field of possibilities. Our in-person Nūma Mystery School retreat will be a sanctuary for you to safely turn inward and consciously engage the roots of those frictions and blockages within your movement toward substantial change. We will attend to the stresses and trauma that have echoed through ancestors and family into your personal life unfolding and we’ll go beyond into the transpersonal. We’ll touch the mystery that lies within and beyond the stories we have carried and find the spark for bringing fresh creative vision and energy to our new stories being revealed. Be prepared for a selection of powerful practices and experiences intended to open us and move us deeply, including working with consciousness-shifting tools.

The Threshold Adventure: Traversing Thresholds of Death & Rebirth

(New dates coming soon)

At the heart of the ancient Mystery Schools lies an invitation… to die before you die. Our journey into our thresholds of transformation and transmutation begins with exploring this invitation and what it is to consciously traverse the threshold of death and rebirth in all dimensions of our being.

The first few weeks of our adventure will be a period of clarification for the tender territory of our beliefs, anticipations, expectations, and resistances around letting go, grieving, and death. And, knowing that we are directly entering territory that can be scary for many people, we will take the time to concurrently foster our healthy resources to support our well-being along the way.

As we approach our in-person Nūma Mystery School water rebirth retreat we turn to death’s partner, birth. Birth is one of the biggest formative factors in each of our lives. The primal moments of conception, gestation, birth, and the first few months of our dawning lives are critical moments of learning that become the foundation for the rest of our lives. Stresses and traumas at this stage land pre-verbally and pre-conceptually for us; they don’t come with a narrative and end up feeling like our fixed character traits. They’re just the way we are, we’ve always been like that. Or so the story goes. But what if that’s not true? What if they can change? One way to transform things at this level is to go back to the womb. Our retreat will be a time to do just that, within the salty waters of Manitou. We will come together in support of each other renegotiating our birth stories and writing new ones. Prepare to discover what it is to be reborn. It may require some form of death, but we can guarantee it won’t be what you anticipate.

Each adventure will contain a multidimensional integration…


When a lot changes, it can take substantial time and reflection and energy to make sense of it all and be with it long enough and consciously enough for it to gain traction within our lives. Our post-retreat online meetings will be an opportunity to bless ourselves with attention and care in support of us living our emerging changes. We will humbly and lovingly reflect on our evolving stories and substantiate the steps that will support us in further realizing them as we move toward closing our three-month long container. It will be a time for honoring the journey taken and acknowledging each other. It will be a time for grieving the consequences of our human lives and the many letting go’s evoked from our journey. It will be a time for celebration, and a time to rest prior to stepping once again into the flow of life. And, it will be a time for gratitude.

Here's What Others Are Saying...


Allison Bachmeier

Somewhere between healer, therapist, facilitator, shaman and holy man is where I found the essence of Trevor, and all he provides with rich, peaceful, patient support. There’s not many I turn to for the deep dives into core wounds. The capacity for profound attunement, rapport and trust -- with loving curiosity, tremendous care, embodied grace and love -- opened the doors to this frozen stuck bodymind, transforming it from a cage to a fragrant sanctuary. Thanks you for helping me to remember. This shall live on in good ways, for all.

Tauyna Craig

I have worked with Trevor for about a year and a half now, and the insights I have gained have been profound. Trevor establishes a very safe emotional container to explore issues that are gently held by both myself and Trevor. I greatly appreciate his integrity in allowing me to find my own answers and strengths. Through somatic exploration, in the moment wondering and questions I found myself in ways I didn’t know where possible. I’m a therapist myself so I have high desires for how and who can hold that therapeutic space for me, and Trevor has met me every step of the way. I’m forever grateful.

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Choose Your next Great Adventure.

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Repairing Relations & Re-Imagining Self

New dates coming soon




New dates coming soon


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