Breathwork Facilitator Training:

A Journey of
& Mentorship


Transformational Mentorship-Style Trainings 


All Levels of Experience Welcome
The world of Breathwork as a recognized transformative healing modality is expanding rapidly and many people are moving toward incorporating these powerful experiences in creative ways within their work. I have offered numerous in-depth breathwork facilitator trainings over the past decade and needed to take a break to reassess how I was approaching things.
My break is over and I’m keenly interested in diving deep into the work with others and supporting learning by curiously practising and sharing in community.  
I am called to return to an ancient form of education and training - a path of mentorship that provides ample opportunity to directly experience the learnings, tools, techniques, and transformational paradigms.  One that steeps the initiates in their own living process and evokes their capacity to communicate and act from inside out… from experience, compassion, love, wisdom, and personal liberation.  A path of mentorship that moves at the pace an initiate is ready for and supports them in creatively developing their own unique, authentic skill set, capacity, and offerings.
Here is what I’m offering in coming months…

Breathwork Facilitator Gatherings (Mentorship-style Training)

Join me for deep dives into the realm of Breathwork facilitation.

You will be supported in experiencing different types of breathwork as well as exploring and experimenting safely with facilitating each other while working with the profound medicine that is Breathwork. Mentorship will be offered around the healthy application of these practices and you’ll receive abundant learning and insight from the overflowing wisdom of the gathered practitioners. During the days gathered you’ll receive multiple personal journeys and practice facilitating Breathwork journeys for your peers. These gatherings are open and beneficial for both new and experienced facilitators.


Upcoming Dates and Locations:


Mentorship-Style Facilitator Trainings:


Nelson, BC: November 15-17, 2024

Victoria, BC:  November 8-10, 2024  

Calgary, AB: November 29 - December 1, 2024

Friday 6-9:30pm, Sat & Sun 9am - 6pm


"Nūma Style" Facilitator Trainings:


Edmonton: September 20-22, 2024 (Level 1)

December 13-15, 2024 (Level 2)

Info and link for Edmonton is at the bottom of the page 



Mentorship-Style Training Investment: $600 - $800


Recognizing that everyone’s financial situation is unique, we offer a sliding scale payment option from $600 up to $800. This amount secures your participation in a comprehensive mentorship-style training, offering you a unique blend of experiential learning, personal development, and community connection.


This is NOT the type of training program that offers certification at the end.



What’s included in each training?

Each weekend is an opportunity for the ongoing cultivation of your own in-depth experience with applying and receiving the benefits from the breathwork tools, practices, and paradigms shared.  You will receive a minimum of three personal breathwork journeys to experience the depth of the work and provide the same number of journeys for your peers.  
Foundational guidance will be provided to set the boundaries and structure for the journeys and their facilitation… and then we deeply practice.  Amidst the practices, each of you will be met with guidance that aims to honour your existing knowledge and skill sets; you will be supported in applying your existing facilitation knowledge and experience within the context of breathwork journeys.  
Additionally, you will be met by curiosity as we mutually explore what your growing edge is.  What new tools or perspectives could be introduced and experimented with to expand your own experience and facilitation tool kit? Your learnings will be tailored to you and what is possible as we meet the living moment of this transformational journey.
If you’re new to facilitation, we will meet you there and slowly build into an optimal capacity to support people in this powerful style of journeying and healing.


Community Collaboration and Curated Exploration

Between the experiential practices, we will meet as a wise, multi-talented community to share tales of our experiences with the tools and the role as practitioners. We will address questions and follow those curious leads into studying particular tools, techniques, and therapeutic approaches that are relevant to each groups emergent interest.

Eager to deepen your facilitation skills and make a lasting impact?


Embark on our mentorship-style Breathwork Facilitator Training. This is your invitation to join a community of curious learners and experienced practitioners, honing your craft in a supportive, dynamic environment. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity—select your city and session to begin your transformative journey.

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A Broad Spectrum of Possibilities


Depending on the interest of the group, we may explore and offer guidance in any of the following:

- Psychoemotional body reading

- Bodywork in breathwork facilitation

- Applied movement practices

- Integration of many different somatic exercises

- Use of sound healing techniques

- Optimal vocal guidance and use of voice

- History, principles, schools of thought, and contraindications

- Implementation of ritual and ceremony

- Honing the therapeutic relationship

- Implementing experimental somatic psychotherapeutic approaches within breathwork

- Cultivating the capacity to recognize and navigate trauma signatures within clients

- Recognizing and facilitating perinatal/birth experiences

- Exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness

- Transpersonal psychology, perspectives, and experiences in breathwork

- And so much more...



Who am I offering the mentoring to?


Both students and existing practitioners within the health and wellness field that aim to support clients in navigating and healing mental-emotional-relational-spiritual stresses and trauma as well as cultivating their visionary capacities to create an inspired life.  Practitioners who are open-minded about integrating both traditional and non-traditional approaches to healing across the spectrum of body-mind-spirit.  People who are curious and earnest in their desire to grow as a humble human being and as a practitioner in the helping field.


Something to keep in mind...


This is NOT the type of training program that offers certification at the end.

Rather, this is an opportunity to come and grow your experience in these territories and learn some new things about yourself, working with others, and working with these powerful tools. 

While we will be discussing intellectual/academic details here and there, these gatherings are very much about direct experience and following the living curiosity of the group as we all learn together.  And at the heart of it all, we will hone in on to what it is to sit in loving, healthy ways with each other that support each of us on our unique yet oh-so-human journeys.  


Interested in my traditional 

"Nūma Style" breathwork training?


If you’re interested in a more formal breathwork training with a set approach, check out the upcoming Breathwork Facilitator Training at Prana Yoga Studio in Edmonton.  
September 20-22, 2024 (Level 1)
December 13-15, 2024 (Level 2)
Location:  Prana Yoga Studio, Edmonton, AB
Cost:  $600 per weekend
More on Level 1 | Sept 20-22
More on Level 2 | Dec 13-15