Re-Imagining Letting Go: Nūma Breathwork Immersion Revelstoke

  • Re-Imagining Letting Go: An Exploration of Release and Renewal 

     Letting Go - a phrase we encounter often, with daily reminders that tell us to "let that shit go." Yet, how often do we pause to understand its true resonance within our lives? Is letting go an act of the body, a shift of the mind, or a transformation of the spirit? How do we discern the delicate dance between holding on to our dreams and surrendering to the flow of life?

    We invite you to step into a space of exploration and discovery, where 'letting go' is not just a concept but an experience. Through dyad contemplations, somatic release work, and Nüma Breathwork, embark on an engaging adventure with us. We'll unravel the simplicity and complexity of release, a process that may seem straightforward yet is seldom effortless.

    Immersion into Letting Go: A Weekend of Unburdening

    Join us for a rich weekend dedicated to the art of release, seamlessly integrated into a transformative journey designed to foster clarity within your consciousness, soothe your being, and invigorate your essence. This retreat is a call to those who wish to:

    • Experience the liberating act of letting go in profound and unexpected ways.
    • Engage in three distinct Nüma Breathwork sessions, each tailored to navigate the depths of release.
    • Find solace in a confidential space grounded in empathy and understanding.
    • Explore how physical tensions and habitual breathing patterns reflect accumulated stress and trauma.
    • Achieve deep relaxation, resolve stress, and enhance vitality.
    • Attain mental clarity, heightened awareness, and a renewed sense of connection to self, others, and the broader tapestry of life.
    • Dive into guided explorations that co-create an environment to challenge limiting beliefs, process dormant emotions, and uncover new perspectives for your journey ahead.

    Let Go and Discover More

    We're not just letting go; we're redefining what it means to live unbound by the weights that hold us back. Join us on this quest to lighten your spirit and discover how freeing life can be when we choose to let go.

    In Person: 6 pm to 9:30 pm, Friday and 9 am to 6 pm, Sat & Sun. 

     Revelstoke Oct 25-27, 2024

[ Please note:  No refund on purchase if you chose to cancel but if registration is cancelled 72 hours prior to the immersion, a credit for the full amount will be put on file for future use. ]

Recognizing that everyone’s financial situation is unique, we offer a sliding scale payment option from $449 up to $899. Choose a payment amount within this range that feels right for you.

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